Podcast: The Unexceptionals

I can’t claim The Unexceptionals is a podcast that I purely own, because it isn’t: it’s run by both me and my brilliant co-host and producer, Anita Ncube.

Photo by Rupert Burroughes

We started this podcast when I had just been let go from my job and Anita was looking to make a dramatic career shift, and so the issue of impostor syndrome inevitably came up.

We noticed that many influences, and podcasts for that matter, are populated by signed talent or very beautiful people. We wanted a podcast that poked around in the life of the every-person, and get them to tell life-affirming and career-challenging stories.

After a few months of (most Anita) tinkering with mic technology and arguing about sound cards, we started to create a podcast that would be profound storytelling and mic-popping laughter in equal measure.

Please do give us a listen, we can be found on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and Acast.

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